Join the American Go Association and get two months of Baduk TV English for free

Want to try Baduk TV English for free?

From now until the end of January (2015), you can get two months of free access to Baduk TV English (valued at $40) when you join the American Go Association (AGA).

Simply join the AGA, or renew or extend your membership before the end of January to qualify.

Click here to join the AGA now.

Once you’ve sorted out your AGA membership, get your free Baduk TV here.

baduk tv studios 550x364 picture

Baduk TV studios in Korea. Join the American Go Association to watch Baduk TV for free.


What’s Baduk TV English

Baduk TV is a cable TV channel in Korea, which broadcasts Go programs 24/7.

Baduk TV English is a service from Go Game Guru. We take the best of Baduk TV and subtitle it in fluent English for you.

baduk tv english 550x412 picture

Baduk TV English provides you with the best of Baduk TV, translated into English.

You can learn more about it here.


What if I already have Baduk TV?

If you’re already a Baduk TV subscriber at Go Game Guru, we don’t want you to miss out.

In fact, thank you for subscribing and helping us to keep this site going. You’re awesome!

To say thanks, we’re going to send you a free Go book instead.

Choose your free Go book here


What if I don’t live in America?

This offer is something that was arranged in partnership with the American Go Association, but we’re happy to work with any Go organization to do something similar.

We started Go Game Guru to promote Go and we want to do what we can to help Go associations build their memberships and reward their members.

If you want to do something similar, organize it with your local Go association first and then get in contact with us once you have a firm plan.

You probably have a national Go association (check our list of known Go associations here), but if not maybe you can start one!


Join the American Go Association now

So what are you waiting for?

There are plenty of other benefits to joining the AGA and $40 worth of Baduk TV alone is worth more than the $30 yearly membership fee ($10 for students). So you’re already coming out ahead.

Click here to join the AGA now


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