Weiqi and the Brain

In this post, I am going to share how Weiqi can help in developing our human brains.
Firstly, let us understand what are the functions of our brains. Our brains are divided into two hemispheres, left and right.
The Left Brain, the primary function is to perform tasks like:
  1. Logical thinking
  2. Mathematical calculations
  3. Science
  4. Solution finding
  5. Reasoning
The Right Brain, will be performing tasks like:
  1. Arts and Music appreciation
  2. Designing
  3. Creativity
  4. Speeches
  5. Visualization understanding
Left and Right Hemispheres
So, how does learning and playing Weiqi help in developing the brain?
I will relate and expound 5 areas in our daily lives that can be improved if we apply the strategies that we learnt from Weiqi.
  1. In Education, Weiqi could enhance the students’ mathematical skills, including problem-solving, pattern recognition etc. Art students begin to train themselves by looking out of the box, exceeding boundaries, unlimited thinking. The combination of both important logical and creativity skills will definitely help any student in his or her linguistic learning, ie writing and speaking.
  1. In Businesses, managers look to have a holistic approach in running their businesses. Embracing day to day new challenges, adapting to an ever-changing environment to suit business requirements and stay competitive in the market. Weiqi is such a competitive mind sport that many business owners adopt this game’s tactical strategy in their businesses. In the brain part, design skills are needed for product innovation, cost-effective budgeting and business planning, whereas the left brain will play the role of calculating, budgeting, execution of plans and ensuring success.  http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20141208000697
  1. In relationships, Weiqi teaches every individual to look outwards for connectivity. Great accomplishments are built by networks of different talents. People may be individual, but a connection of individuals becomes a powerful organization. Connections are formed usually not by logic calculation, but rather use of linguistic skills. So now you can see the art in Weiqi helps developing the connectivity skills of a human interacting with another human.
  1. In Family, we seek to create a safe settlement in our home. Every individual needs a home base before any form of endeavour outside the home life. Hasn’t Weiqi taught us that we should first settle with a home base before attacking weak stones to secure victory? (In a game example, no strong player would enter into the board’s centre when his / her home base territory is being invaded?) To have a warm and safe home or settlement, we will need both good logical, constructive sense and good emotions to build and live in. These senses are scientifically found in the brain.
  1. In Finance, we seek to make more than we lose, get the best bargains in the market rather than paying overpriced products. Occasionally, pampering ourselves with pricier things that will feed our egoistic emotions. But that is fine, as long as we can justify that the investment on the things that we need (logical) or we want (emotional).
There is an endless list of good things that Weiqi can bring to us. Please drop a comment below if you can share any experience that Weiqi has brought to your life.

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