Improve Weiqi

How to improve Weiqi in Singapore?

Some pointers I could suggest to you to improve your Weiqi skill:

  1. Form a Weiqi review group of 3 to 4 persons with a mentor of strength 1 to 2 Dan higher than you.
    • In a review session, do not be too competitive in the discussion because you will chase away your friends. Just be open and be accepting of each other’s view. Remember there are no “bad” moves but rather “better” moves instead.
    • You should be competitive in competitions but not during learning session because learning sessions ought to be friendly and non-threatening.
    • Be easy going and having casual moments with your Weiqi friends in the review group. This goes a long way and rewards lifetime friendships.
    • There should be lively jokes and laughter because these jovial acts promote learning and creativity. You will love the game even more through friendship building.
    • Don’t be too tensed up in learning and overly eager to improve in the game. Relax and enjoy the game does help you to improve Weiqi in the long run.
  2. Dare to try out new moves in casual games. Review and study it in details.
    • This involves new ways of thinking; that is creativity.
    • Creativity adds sparks to your mind and colours to your life. Why just absorbed yourself only in a world of black and white?
      • Weiqi players should be as colourful and creative as much as possible. Not just only black and white; as this is usually what others think of us as dull people; we must think creatively in the game and bring out the creativity in our minds that flows out of our lives. Always think out of the box in the game. Always remember that there is no limit to the game of Weiqi.
    • If you think you have made a mistake in the daring move; Great, review it, learn from the mistake and improve it.
    • If you think your daring move is great and you have benefited from it; This is great too, perfect the move even further.
  3. Join national competitions in Singapore
    • Competition is a great way to test your overall skill.
    • A word of advice: Create and increase your interest from competitions; And not let the competitions result forms a competitive heart in you.
    • Put learning as the primary priority and winning on a second priority. Winning is good but learning is even greater. Winning is at most temporary, but learning lasts a lifetime.

Put yourself in a position to learn. Ask questions. You’ll likely learn something you totally didn’t expect. It takes humility to do it. Humility is a good thing anyway. – Kim Kiyosaki