Network, network and network

Weiqi is a game that subtly teaches us using networking skills to accomplish great goals.

In the beginning, Weiqi is just a blank board without a single stone. Then a stone is placed as the game commences. Then the game progresses, more and more stones are added. Stones are then linked together to form boundaries and defensive lines. At the end of the game, we can see many stones are connected to form countable territories on the board. The more stones that are networked the more territories will be surrounded. In other words, the more stones remain on the board, the stronger the position the stones have become.

Stones that are not connected will be killed and removed. And that is the name of the game.

Image result for weiqi

Networking indeed is a powerful tool in our life. Businesses require networking to maintain growth and relevance. The individual requires connectability to sustain employment. No one person or business is a standalone island.

The more a person is networked, the more useful the person has become; the talent of that person becomes amplified.

Weiqi resembles life. It teaches us useful wisdom. That is to be well networked in life. Great businessmen network to grow their business empire.  McDonald’s had 2 stories. First was that the original McDonald’s brothers did not like the idea of networking and in the end, they had to force sell their business to Ray Croc and exit the market. The second story was that Ray Croc networked McDonald’s and became the biggest fast food chain in the whole world.


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