Changes to Go Game Guru in 2015

Over the last four years Go Game Guru has evolved a lot.

go game ninja picture

Kuro the ninja is also hard at work.

When we started, it was just Younggil and I moonlighting on a hobby project.

Then Jing joined us to help with Go news. And later we met Josh, who created Glift, and he started working with us too.

Also, we have ninjas, and a cat!

With the encouragement and support of many readers and customers, we’ve gradually started doing more and more different things.

We now ship Go equipment locally in six different countries and offer a Go TV service, for example. Someone has to manage all that.

Cutting back on editing

From the very beginning, I’ve edited nearly all the content that’s been published on this website, to maintain a consistent style and level of quality.

However, anyone who’s followed Go Game Guru for a long time would have noticed that updates became less regular throughout 2014. The problem is that we’ve been trying to do too much.

For several years Younggil and I have worked together on game commentaries, with Younggil doing the bulk of the analysis and me pointing out things that required more explanation and helping with the English.

But Younggil’s English has improved a lot since we started and he’s also developed a better feeling for what the average Go player would want to know, thanks to readers who ask questions.

Younggil and Jing take over the blog

So from today, Younggil will be publishing his own articles without any help from me – the first of which will be published shortly. Jing will also start publishing her news articles without me proofreading them.

This will mean that articles get published more quickly and more often again – like it used to be. It will also mean that I have more time to keep everything running properly behind the scenes, look after customers and have more freedom to post occasional articles or videos on a wider variety of topics.

In the short term, we’re going to put the weekly Go problems on hold. They’ll restart again when Younggil’s ready to take over, but he’s going to focus on getting the commentaries right first.

Please be patient during this change

There might be some bumps along the way, but in the long term this will mean that we can do more. Please be patient and understanding while this change takes place and if you notice any problems, please let us know and we’ll still fix them.

Also, please keep in mind that none of us can work on the website full time for now and that we’re doing our best.



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