Samsung Cup Lee Sedol-Ke Jie Semi Update

Another big crowd turned out online Tuesday night to watch Myungwan Kim 9p provide live streaming commentary for the second round in the Ke Jie(B) vs Lee Sedol(W) -- 2015.11.03_Samsung-Round 2Samsung Cup semifinal match between Ke Jie and Lee Sedol. Kim’s in-depth analysis of the game — anchored by E-Journal broadcaster Andrew Jackson 4d — was closely followed by nearly 150 players on the AGA’s YouTube channel despite extending beyond midnight on the East Coast. “I love the sound the commentary makes as it sails way over my head,” said Cement12293. “We’re living in the future: live pro go commentary in English!” said joby morey. The game was also broadcast on KGS.

At presstime late Tuesday night, Kim’s feeling was that Lee Sedol would win by a small margin, evening the match at 1-1. If Lee does win, a deciding game will be held Wednesday night (US time), and Kim will return for another live commentary on the AGA’s official YouTube channel and official Twitch channel, as well as on KGS, beginning at 7:30PM PST (10:30p EST).

Note: if the second-round game record is not included now, check back, as we’ll add it soon.

via American Go E-Journal

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