An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: Wu Guangya vs Huang Yunsong – Chinese A League Round 8

Younggil is going to show you a game played between Wu Guangya 6p (ranked #18 in China) and Huang Yunsong 4p (ranked #34 in China) from the 2015 Chinese Weiqi A League, 8th round on June 25, 2015.

Huang Yunsong is the winner of the 2nd Globis Cup.

Black took the early lead of the game from the fighting at the bottom, and White’s sabaki in the bottom right corner was sophisticated.

Black played very well in the middle game, and he maintained the small lead up to the nearly end.

However, White played brilliantly at the end of the game, and a very unusual and interesting situation was happened at the end…


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Game record

Wu Guangya vs Huang Yunsong

gliftWidget = glift.create({“divId”:”glift_display1″,”sgf”:”https:\/\/\/i\/2015\/07\/Wu-Guangya-vs-Huang-Yunsong-20150625.sgf”,”display”:{“theme”:”DEPTH”,”goBoardBackground”:”https:\/\/\/i\/glift\/purty_wood.jpg”,”drawBoardCoords”:”1″}});


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Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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