Saki Fujita 5D & Yizhi Wang 5D Tie to Top NOVA Congress Tuneup

Saki Fujita 5D and Yizhi Wang 5D tied to top the 2015 NOVA Congress Tuneup tournament on Saturday, June 13 at George Mason Law School in Arlington VA. Twenty-six players participated. “In an unusual situation in the top band, three players finished 3-1, each losing once to one of the others,” reports organizer Allan Abramson. SOS tie-break showed that two tied for first place, with the third alone in second. “In another unusual situation, there were no players at 2,3, or 4 kyu, resulting in a greater number of higher handicap games than normally is the case,” Abramson noted.
Full results:
First place: Saki Fujita, 5D and Yizhi Wang, 5D, tied; Quinn Baranoski, 1K, 3-1; Mike Lash, 6K, 4-0; Ernest Ning-Yuan Wang, 11K, 4-0; and Sarah Crites, 13K, 4-0
Second place: Josh Lee, 6D; David Reed, 5K, 3-0; Robert Cole, 12K and Betsy Small, 12K, tied, 3-1; and Antonina Perez-Lopez, 2-2

via American Go E-Journal

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