RIP Chris Greene – Founder of Hinoki Press

Hinoki Press founder Chris Greene passed away last Friday.

Greene, who had cancer, died at home in Libertyville, Illinois. He is survived by his wife, Vicky, and his daughters, Melissa and Elizabeth.

“I was lucky enough to work with Chris doing a little copy editing on some of Hinoki’s books, and found him to be a gentleman and a friend to the Go community,” said AGA president Andy Okun. “The books he published represent a lasting contribution to the game and its enjoyment.”

A long-time Go player, Greene started the Go book publishing company in 2006, after retiring from his career as a programmer, and published 18 Go books before selling it late last year to Go Game Guru.

Chris made an immense contribution to the body of English language Go literature in a relatively short time.

He was incredibly modest about his achievements and stoic about his illness.

When I last spoke to him, on Thursday, he was primarily concerned that the material that he’d worked hard to have translated and published in English remain available to future generations of Go players.

His motto for Hinoki Press was, “always carry a Go book in your hand.”

We will miss our friend and fellow Go player and will do everything we can to honor his wishes.

Rest in peace Chris.

(This article was published in collaboration with the American Go Association E-Journal)

via Go Game Guru

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