Li Closes In On 2015 Pro Victory; Finals Round 3 Underway Live Now on KGS

In perhaps the most gripping game yet, Ryan Li beat Eric Lui in Friday morning’s AGA Pro Qualification Tournament match, giving him a 2015.01.09_Li-Lui-DSC_0094commanding 2-0 lead in the best-of-5 finals. Game 3 is underway now on KGS; Myungwan Kim will start a live commentary soon. Lui took a solid cash lead early in the game and hundreds of viewers on KGS thought he seemed to be in a good position after deftly surviving Li’s splitting attack. But Li kept up the pressure and as Lui went into byo-yomi, the game kept getting more and more complicated. Eventually, with the life and death of multiple groups at stake, several huge kos and even a seki, both players were battling the clock as well and in the end, Lui, behind on the board, lost on time as well.

On the next board, Ben Lockhart’s kill of Jeremy Chiu’s large central group put him within one game of clinching third place in the tournament. Matthew Burrall’s win against Daniel Gourdeau evened the score in their battle for fifth place (Gourdeau won their match in the round-robin section earlier in the week).
– report/photo by Chris Garlock

via American Go E-Journal

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