American Chang Qi Tournament Open for Registration

090623-chunlan-000This September, the American Collegiate Go Association (ACGA) will be hosting a Chinese professional tournament on US soil for the first time ever, at Harvard University. While four of the strongest Chinese professionals play the semifinals of the Chang Qi Cup, the ACGA will also be holding a 4-round AGA-rated tournament for amateurs. Thanks to the Ing Foundation’s generous sponsorship, there is more than $10,000 available in cash prizes across the divisions, including a 16-player open section, and registrants will receive free catered lunches. Live commentary, pro simuls, and game reviews are also planned, and the entire event is absolutely free. Register early here for a free goodie bag, and a chance to participate in a simul against Chang Hao 9P. -Julian Erville. Photo: Chang Hao winning the Chunlan Cup.

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US Go Congress Handbook Released

With this year’s US Go Congress just a few short days away, organizers have released the Congress Handbook so that attendees can begin planning to make the most of their time at the biggest go event of the year.2015.07.29_CongressHandbook-graphic

The Handbook provides information about the Congress venue – including maps – and the many events that make of the Go Congress, including rated tournaments like the US Open, Die Hard, and Self-Paired, and unrated events like the Lightning Tournament, 13×13 and 9×9 tournaments. In all, ten tournaments are scheduled, along with events with professionals – including simuls and lectures – and youth activities and tournaments.

Also covered in the Handbook are Day Off options, transportation, nearby restaurants and official go rules and guidelines, as well as bios and photos of all the visiting professional players.

“The chapter putting on this Congress so ably and devotedly, the Twin Cities Go Club, have been stalwart friends, players and teachers over the last 10 years,” says AGA president Andy Okun in his welcome, “Please join me in giving them gratitude during this rewarding week of play.”

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Uncovering the link between go and education

Uncovering the link between go and education Go is a game, a hobby, a profession. It’s a competition, it’s a communication tool and it’s a way of life. But what happens when go enters home and school as an educational tool? Xinming Simon2015.07.28_simon-guo Guo, founder of the Go and Math Academy in Chicago, Illinois, will explore go’s impact in his keynote remarks at this year’s US Go Congress opening ceremonies this Saturday in St. Paul, Minnesota. “Imagine an era in which every student has opportunities to learn math through go and fall in love with both of them,” says Guo.

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UK Go Updates: Alistair Wall Wins at 27th Milton Keynes Go Tournament

Alistair Wall Wins at 27th Milton Keynes Go Tournament35 players gathered in the sunny Open University Sports Pavilion for the 27th Milton Keynes Go Tournament on June 27. First place went to Alistair Wall 2d and second place to  Ngoc-Trang (Nyoshi) Cao 2d.

Ngoc-Trang Cao wins the Welsh Open: The 23rd Welsh Open was held at the Min-Y-Mor Hotel in Barmouth and organised by Martin and Helen Harvey. Over the two days, 26 players took part. Ngoc-Trang (Nyoshi) Cao 2d  and Mingcan Xu 3d Cardiff finished on 5 wins, but Cao won by tiebreak. Prizes for 4 wins went to Richard Hunter 2d, Roger Huyshe 3k, and David Horan 7k.

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Pandanet AGA City League Finals this Saturday

pandanetThe US Go Congress starts this Saturday August 1, and so do the games. Tune in on Pandanet at 3PM in the AGA City League room. We’ll be showing all three games LIVE for Los Angeles vs Greater Washington. The lineup will be:

Board 1: Mark Lee vs Tim Song

Board 2: Evan Cho vs Eric Lui

Board 3: Daniel Ko vs Yuan Zhou

The winner of this tournament will collect $5000, runner up will win $2500. Look out soon for news for the next year’s City League registration!

– Steve Colburn

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Go Congress Visitors Coming to Seattle

Ryo Maeda 6P at the Seattle Go Center in 2014

Ryo Maeda 6P at the Seattle Go Center in 2014

Seattle will benefit from the upcoming U.S. Go Congress in St. Paul, even though it is 1700 miles away, as visitors stop by before and after the August 1-9 event.  Ryo Maeda 6P and Koyo Hoshikawa 3P from the Kansai Ki-in of Japan will visit the Seattle Go Center on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 28 and 29.  They will play simultaneous games on Tuesday, and Maeda Sensei will give one of his famous lectures for kyu players on Wednesday evening.

The weekend after the Go Congress, August 15 and 16,  Myungwan Kim 9P will conduct a workshop for strong players.  He will be assisted by Mark Lee, winner of the U.S. Open in 2014.  The workshop will feature simultaneous games with the two teachers,  game analysis of student games, analysis of top games from the U.S. Go Congress, and lessons on the Korean style opening.

The next weekend, August 22 and 23, Inseong Hwang of the on-line Go school the “American Yunguseng Dojang“, will teach a workshop for players 15 kyu and stronger.  It will include games between workshop participants, game analysis and lectures. Mr. Hwang says he often explains moves both at the 6-7 kyu level and also at the 1-2 dan level, since that is where people get stuck.  Mr. Hwang is the highest rated Go player in Europe (EGF).  He will also attend the US Go Congress on his trip.
– photo and report by Brian Allen

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“PopPop” Gets Ready for the Go Congress

NOVA Go Club organizer, Garrett Smith (left), also known as PopPop, reports that he is engaged in extensive preparation for the 2015 U.S. Go Congress next month.  He hopes to see a big turnout August 1-9 in St. Paul, MN. If you’re going to the Go 2015.07.24_NoVA-GarrettSmithCongress too — and some 350 are already signed up — let us know how you’re preparing for the biggest go event in the country! Email your reports and/or photos to us at

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Go Spotting: Patterson’s NYPD Red 2

Patterson’s NYPD Red 2: In James Patterson’s “NYPD Red 2,” one of the NYPD’s detectives is searching for witnesses to an abduction near a park in a Chinese community, reports AGA Life Member David Kent. “The detective, a Caucasian, 2015.07.21_nypd2-bookapproaches a go game being played in the park, and challenges the local champion to a game, betting $100. After a hard-fought hour the detective intentionally makes a mistake, throwing the game, which only the champion, an old man, recognizes,” says Kent. “This soon pays off with the old man coming to the aid of the detectives, leading to a witness. The detective plans to give the old man a kaya board from a 700 year old tree instead of the hand-made plywood board he has been using.”

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Go Commentary: Mi Yuting vs Gu Li – 1st MLily Cup

This is game 2 from the 1st MLily Cup final.

The game was played between Gu Li 9p and Mi Yuting 4p on December 2, 2013, in Jiangsu, China.

Gu Li won game 1 of the final, so if Gu wins this game again, it’d be an easy series for him in the best of five.


Gu Li 9 dan (left) and Mi Yuting 4 dan, at the 1st MLily Cup final.

Gu Li 9 dan (left) and Mi Yuting 4 dan, at the 1st MLily Cup final.

Gu Li

Gu Li was ranked #3 in China by the time of this final, and he’s still one of the most popular players along with Lee Sedol 9p in the world these days.

Gu’s already won seven international titles in his career before this final, and the last time he won was the 15th Samsung Cup in 2010. (He added another international title – 10th Chunlan Cup, in June 2015)

Gu Li 9 dan at game 2 from 1st MLily Cup final.

Gu Li 9 dan at game 2 from 1st MLily Cup final.

His style of play is quite unique. His opening is outstanding, and he often played creative moves which soon become popular for other pros.

His haengma is strong and firm, and his power in the fighting is destructive.

Most of his games are dynamic and thrilling with his brilliant and creative moves, and that’s the main reason why people like to watch his games so much.

In this Mlily Cup, he defeated Na Hyun 3p, Hu Yaoyu 9p, Wang Lei 6p, and Zhou Ruiyang 9p to proceeded to the final.

Mi Yuting

Mi Yuting was born in 1996, and he became a pro in 2007. His ranking was #7 in China by the time, but he was yet unknown internationally by then.

Mi Yuting 4 dan at game 2 from 1st MLily Cup final.

Mi Yuting 4 dan at game 2 from 1st MLily Cup final.

His best results in the international tournaments before this MLily Cup was round of 16.

He proceeded to the round of 16 both at the 2012 Samsung Cup and the 4th BC Card Cup in 2012.

However, his performance in this MLily Cup was very impressive and sensational.

He defeated Lee Sedol 9p, Kang Dongyun 9p, Kong Jie 9p, Dang Yifei 4p and Wang Xi 9p to reach the final. All of his opponents were either world champions or finalists of international tournaments, and Mi defeated them all.

He was relatively unknown, but his reading was already propound and accurate especially at the close combat. He’s also got strong mind as well, so he maintained his calm when he was in trouble or behind, although he was only 17 year old boy.

Let’s have a look at game 2 of the 1st MLily Cup final.

Gu Li 9 dan (left) and Mi Yuting 4 dan, reviewing the game.

Gu Li 9 dan (left) and Mi Yuting 4 dan, reviewing the game.

Commented game record

Mi Yuting vs Gu Li

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