Weiqi Resources

Learn Go online: Interactive Way to Go – An extreme easy way to learn to play Go online:



Video Tutorial for the Game of Go – Part I

Video Tutorial for the Game of Go – Part II

Video Tutorial for the Game of Go – Part III A

Video Tutorial for the Game of Go – Part III B

Thanks to Goshawk Heron for creating the videos.


Solve Weiqi Problems


Below are some recommendation of Weiqi websites that can help you improve the game:

Play Go Online:


Weiqi TV in Mandarin: http://www.weiqitv.com/

Weiqi lessons in English, although some training videos must be paid to watch: http://badukmovies.com/

A Chinese Weiqi website to improve your Weiqi skills. Many professional games archives. English language available: http://www.weiqiok.com/asp/Chinese.asp

A good website to train up yourself on daily problems. Updated events: http://gogameguru.com/

Up to date world tournament and events. New professional games Kifu. Useful for self study and review: http://361points.com/

A good website to review commented professional games: http://www.gocommentary.com/

Weiqi stories: http://www.yutopian.com/go/gowinds/gostories.html

Regularly updated new training videos for Weiqi lovers. Europe Weiqi (Go) news: http://eurogotv.com/index.php?menu=Live

Professional Game records: http://www.go4go.net/go/games/tournament/2