About me

My name is Benson. A local born Singapore Chinese, who had passion for Weiqi for the last 30 years since 1984 when I was a Secondary One student in Victoria School.

I had played local competitions previously and obtained many victories. Many players at that generation (1984 – 2000) would know me if they are still playing this game now.

I am currently holding a 4 Dan Weiqi certificate from Singapore Weiqi Association (SWA) but I have achieved 5 Dan+ in DGS (my userid is “benson1875”), which often said to have a higher rating compare to IGS and KGS.  Go Rank Worldwide Comparison

The 4-Dan certificate was issued to me in the year 1993 after I emerged champion in a local competition. I was still serving in the National Service.

After I complete my NS, I was employed in the workforce. As many of my Weiqi friends had also started working, I could hardly find friends of the same passion playing the game anymore. Since then I had not been touching the game and hence not upgrading my Dan level.

Interestingly, a few years ago in 2010, while in a solitude moment, I came across the thought of going back to the game. I began to search the internet for more information about the game. I found my passion back. I had also learned new techniques in the game and was able to understand the game concept better.

In 2011, I took part in a competition and emerged Runner-up. Great interest came back to me.

Many months down the road while studying the game, I realized that there are so many things and hidden treasures in the game that can be applied to my life.

Some of the wisdom I found in the games are:

  1. Balance is the key to life. Overly focus on a specific area does build strength in that area, but if we do not address weak areas early that they may evolve and become the source of problems in the future.
  2. Trade fairly, do not be greedy in winning and know that everything comes with a price. Slow and steady wins the race, progress steadily by not taking shortcuts. Fast and shortcuts lead to flaws.
  3. Maintain connectivity. No one is a island on this earth, stay close to your family, friends and relatives. When in need, they are the people that will help you in your life.
  4. If you want a better position, you have to fight for the position. Most of the good things in life do not fall from the sky naturally.
  5. Winning and losing are the parts and parcels of our life. Although winning does bring great satisfaction, losing on the other hand is not exactly bad after all. When you lose, you will see a better view of your inner self. When you lose, you learn much more actually.
  6. Be humble. No one knows everything. Be willing and ready to learn. A learning person needs a humble attitude.

I continued to find the game astonishingly enriching for life learning when it is not played in competition. It is like an art, where you can draw on a piece of paper freely whatever in your mind without constraint.

Feel free to contact me if you want to learn Weiqi. Kindly email me at benson@weiqi-to-go.net or call me at 8100-9466


Benson Lam

Weiqi Runner Up, Photo taken with Tan Teng Chuan, President of SWA in 2011.


benson lam badminton

Badminton is also my passion